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Outfits for Women

Outfits for Women

L’ATELIER ETHAN has been dressing stylish women for decades and it isn’t just confined to 2-piece suits. We have the ability to tailor separate garments such as trousers, jackets, skirts, waistcoats, coats and shirts to enable our clients to really get creative in the style and look they want to convey.  In also provides our clients with the opportunity to build a really flexible wardrobe of options for business wear, events and special occasions.

Elements such as a beautifully tailored skirt can be timeless classics and can be worn in conjunction with many other styles of garment to create a completely different look, making your wardrobe far more flexible (and stylish).

Prices will vary in line with the type of garment and cloth selected so please book an appointment to discuss your requirements further.


With our range of ladies tailored suits there are also a plethora of personalization options available.  Take for example a typical ladies tailored jacket – there are choices to be made surrounding edge stitching and thread color, lining, lapels, pockets, buttons, cuffs, vents…..the list goes on and that is before you have even considered options for trousers or a skirt.  At L’ATELIER ETHAN we pride ourselves on our service and finding out what sort of suit you need and advise accordingly.

With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment, which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact size and figuration.  The comfort of our ladies tailored suits are unsurpassed, as is the confidence it can provide its wearer in knowing that they are looking at their absolute best.

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Buying shirts for women can be very difficult as individual body shapes alter so much depending on height, breadth of shoulders and bust.  This is why it is rare that a perfect fit can be found in the shops.  Our range of bespoke women’s tailored shirts take into account all of your measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time.

When you combine this with the fact that there are a plethora of styling and personalization options as well, we can really create the perfect shirt with you.  Once you are happy with shape and style you can reorder women’s tailored shirts in a variety of different fabric options so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are always looking your best.



With our range of ladies tailored coats there is a plethora of fabrics to choose from, including light and heavy weight.  As with all of our garments, we understand that everyone’s personal landscape is very different so our expert tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the size and figuration is perfect. Our tailor can also guide you through the cloth and personalization options available across our ladies tailored coats. Tailored ladies coats are a wonderful investment because they will complete your look, stylishly protect you from the elements during those winter months and, if looked after, a tailored coat will last you for many years.

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